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Hints and Tips For Driving Abroad

When driving in another country it is important that you understand the local requirements. Driving rules, behaviour and conditions may be very different from those to which you are accustomed in your own country.

There are a couple of things to consider regardless as to the country you are visiting. Always keep to hand your driving and insurance documents, a set of spare keys, a fire extinguisher, a toolkit, first aid kit and a warning triangle. In some geographies, some or all of these are legal requirements and all of them can be invaluable if the need arises. Whilst driving abroad it is also important to do so defensively: you may be confronted with unexpected driving behaviour. Laws also vary widely with respect to drinking and driving, mobile phone use and the wearing of seat belts so keep this in mind. The following are some additional tips for driving in the top ten most popular travel destinations.

Brazil: drivers can be extremely unpredictable and the level of driving skill, especially in rural areas, can be below that to which UK drivers are accustomed. It is very important to note that Brazil has a zero tolerance policy on drink driving.

If you`re driving in the USA you should take an international driving license. The road networks in the USA are both complex and extensive so it is worth buying a good road atlas or satellite navigation system.

In Iceland you don`t need an international driving permit but it is important to bring travel insurance documents. Weather conditions can be harsh and you should check with local authorities before you travel.

Driving standards in Cuba are variable and in the unfortunate event that you are in serious accident, month-long investigations can prohibit you from leaving the country. Driving at night can be especially hazardous.

South African authorities accept UK driving licenses. Road conditions can, however, be dangerous with drivers overtaking regardless as to traffic rules or circumstances and there are many areas in which it is simply not safe for tourists to venture.

Nepal is a popular destination but does not present a good environment for driving on your own. Be prepared for entirely unexpected driving behaviour.

Australians, as in the UK, drive on the left. Driving conditions are good and rules are generally followed.

China has poor roads and low driving standards so many tourists avoid driving here. Many serious accidents occur and if you are involved in an accident you may be prevented from leaving the country until the case is settled.

An exotic European travel destination, Kyrgyzstan does offer the opportunity for self-driving. Remember that filling stations can be hard to find outside the large urban areas.

India may be tempting for a self-drive holiday, with its sheer scale offering appeal to the would-be driver. However the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns that many British tourists die on Indian roads annually due to the exceptionally dangerous conditions.

Whether you are organising car rental in East Midlands, or indeed elsewhere, it is important to make sure that you book in advance and complete all of the arrangements before you leave. Make sure that you have adequate insurance once you arrive your travel insurance policy alone won`t be sufficient.

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